Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The World Cup

In a little under four weeks the football World Cup kicks off in Africa. The tournament will be watched by millions around the world. Millions upon millions will be ploughed in to hosting the event and millions of pounds will be made from sponsorship and TV rights. The question I ask is – for all this hype and investment what lasting difference will the tournament have on South Africa and the rest of the world?

The one thing the World Cup is good at is capturing young people’s imagination from all parts of the globe and getting them in to football. I think any event which inspires young people to take up sport can only be a good thing. As I m sure many young people will kicking a ball around the streets during the tournament.

I hope the World cup as well as inspiring young people to play football will encourage young people to find out more about the countries playing in the world cup and the cultures of those countries. I think every year it becomes even more important for young people to have an understanding and knowledge of the world around them.

I think this World Cup is going to be more special than most. I just hope that the World Cup can have a positive effect locally to the people of South Africa and really impact the local communities. If the money is invested correctly it could have a long lasting effect and legacy but we will have to wait a few years to see what difference the tournament made.

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