Wednesday, 29 August 2007

TV Programmes

For many of our readers they will now becoming to the end of the summer holidays which means back to school an all the joys which come with the period just before school starts. Going to get new school uniforms going to get new stationery and all the obligatory things that need to be done before school starts.

This brings the end to the period of watching daytime TV and staying out with your friends until all hours. Now I campaign for young people to make the most of their summer holidays by going out and experiencing new things as well as developing new and existing talents but there are a couple of really good programmes on our TV’s in the UK at the moment. If you are going to watch TV these two programmes are well worth a watch and making a space in your schedule for.

Following on from the launch of our weekly X-Factor blog from our brilliant X-factor Correspondent Katie Greenhill I thought it was time to talk about two other programmes I am liking at the moment.

The first is a series on MTV called MADE. This series has been on TV for some time but if you haven’t seen any of the episodes its well worth a watch. The series in an MTV original series from America. Each programme stars a new young person who has something they want to achieve or something they want to be made in to. Most of these young people are having problems at school or really need help in order to achieve something which can be anything from being a Snowboarder to a Singer.

In each programme the MTV crew are given a month to help get the young person to achieve their dream so they allocate them a coach you has experience in that field and it is then the job of the coach to make sure that the young person is ready to achieve their dream by the end of the month. The show is usually on weekdays at 18.00 on MTV or TMF and is well worth the watch.

The other programme is Cheerleader Nation which is currently being screened on Living2. This series follows a year in the life of the Dunbar Cheerleading squad in Kentucky USA as they compete for their third national title in a row.

Cheerleading is a way of life in America and a huge part of their culture but cheerleading is now growing in popularity in the UK. The programme gives you a new respect for the sport as after watching an episode you will never look at cheerleading in the same light again as the training regime these girls go through is absolutely gruelling. The programme I’m sure will also inspire many young people to take up cheerleading and inspire those already involved in cheerleading to aim even higher.

The series is already 3 – 4 episodes in but you can catch it every Tuesday at 21.00 on Living2.

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Premiership Football

If you’re from the UK you won’t have been able to escape all the hype and news surrounding the start of the new football season. It’s a time when football fans stop going out with the other half shopping on a Saturday and start staying in to listen to the football scores come in then later either staying in for Match of the Day or recording it whilst they are out.

Every year it seems that the hype surrounding the new season increases and this year was no different as more millions were invested in to and spent by Premier League football teams. For ninety minutes each weekend young men who are played multi millions each year are worshipped liked gods by thousands in the stands and millions watching at home. It’s no surprise then when you ask many young boys what they want to be when they grow up they will same a footballer.

The sport has got even more lucrative this year with more foreign owners with big pockets buying in to clubs in all leagues and now with another broadcaster Setanta Sports trying to break the stranglehold that Sky Sports has on Premiership coverage it means the revenues for clubs is even higher. So now I hear you ask: Why am I talking about this in my weekly Talented Young People Blog? Well here’s why.

This extra revenue and income may be good for the clubs and players finances but it increases the levels of stress and pressure put on teams who in the main consist of a high number of young talented players to achieve. The more money an owner puts in to a club the better results they want and the more they pay you as a player the better performances they want.

With the season merely three games old every game is already being held under close scrutiny by the fans, the press and the clubs with any defeat seen as a reason to sell or let go a player or a manager. This is a tough enough situation for the older experienced players to handle but for a fresh faced sixteen year old making their debut this year it’s a different story. No longer does being good count the only thing that counts is the result and based on that no matter how good your performance is it could spell trouble.

It’s not just on the TV stage that talented young footballers are affected. The lure of the money and celebrity lifestyle has put stars in the eyes of many parents and young children who all dream of that life. This has meant that the competition an the pressure to achieve and be the best has filtered it’s way down through the youth game with some big clubs running academies for players as young as eight.

Now I’m not saying young people shouldn’t have dreams as I believe young people if they have the right motivation and support can achieve anything but I’m saying that I don’t like where this high pressure situation is going. There needs to be more support out there for the ones that don’t make it as lives have been torn apart through the dream factory which is football in this country and more support for those that have made it to deal with the pressure they find themselves under because I do fear that sooner or later the pressure is going to become too much for some people.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

X-Factor: Episode 1 review

We here at Talented Young People are delighted to introduce our newest member to the writing team our official X-Factor correspondent Katie Greenhill. From now until the final Katie will be bringing you all the news on what's hot and what's not in the world of X-Factor. So sit back and enjoy her first X-Factor review.

18th August - The X Factor is BACK!

So Saturday it was the fourth series of The X Factor hit our screens once again. And there were some pretty amazing singers among also the disastrous hoping to make their dream become a reality.

The age category was lowered, and it was 14 year old Emily - who sang Randy Crawford's - Almaz - flying that flag. She had an amazing voice and had the confidence, as Dannii said she was looking all four of them in the eyes when she sang - I think that's a good quality within a singer. Although a lot of people have had doubts about the age being lowered I think she may have proved Simon Cowell's point, they could potentially win. I just think it's a hard age to conquer the music industry and be away from your family.

Zoe Simpson; the girl who sang Christina Aguillera's Beautiful, I can't believe the way she reacted. Fair enough she's young and her dream had just been broken, but her attitude was terrible - I can't get my head around people telling her she was good. She said she had never even studied music! I must admit Dermot did look a bit scared when she started banging her head against the wall!

And what about Nikki? Well she brought a tear to many of people's eye and her story was just so amazing. The way she found an application form in her late father's belongings and in memory of her father entered the competition. The way she sang 'I will always love you' was so touching she really sang from her heart. I think it’s so great to find someone like that on the show. Her voice was just incredible - I really do hope she goes along way, I think she really deserves it.

Then there were the groups! 'Same difference' I must say they can certainly grate on you - I found them quite annoying but sweet in a way but then you have W4 who were amazing singers, I think just by the first show you can tell this year the groups have really improved.

To me I found this week's show very judge orientated what with the lovely Louis Walsh returning. Before he returned it didn't seem that there was any chemistry between them. Not sure how people are feeling about the new Judges/Presenter changes. I personally think now Louis is back, people will not warm to Dannii - because the original three had fantastic chemistry and it will take time for her to merge. I think Fearne is doing amazingly, on Saturday the Xtra factor got it highest ratings ever!

Next week looks great - Sharon Osbourne walking into a door too!"

Katie Greenhill
X-Factor correspondent for Talented Young People
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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Exam Results

Over the next two weeks millions of young people up and down the country will be getting their GCSE and A-Level results. Years of hard work finally come down to the opening of an envelope or a line on a results chart. Months of anxious waiting since they sat in that exam hall are about come to an end but the outcomes will be very different for many people.

The first thing you need is a plan and you need to have it ready before you go to collect your results. You need to know what opportunities are available to you for each possible outcome of results day. No matter how much you worry or stress before you get your results you can’t change the results on the papers. After you hand your exam paper in you can’t change the outcomes and any time spent stressing about them is a waste of time and can have a long-term affect on your health. Stressing about your results can only have a negative affect on how you deal with your results and your future after you get your results.

The thing to remember is whatever grade you get on that piece of paper it doesn’t change you as a person you are still the same person before you get your results and after you get your results, that piece of paper doesn’t define you and it isn’t going to change your life it’s what you do with that piece of paper that will. The only time you lose on exam results day is when you don’t do something positive about your results and with your results.

Exam results are just a stepping-stone on your continuing journey. You don’t study to get results you study and work hard to get where you need to go in life, to get that career to get that University placement. If you can achieve these things then your results don’t matter as it is the outcome we are worried about not the steps on the way.

If you have a successful results day celebrate, be proud of yourself and your achievements but don’t let it go to your head as like I say these results are only as good as what you do with them. Use the power of the achievement to achieve even greater things with your life. If you can harness that energy then you can achieve anything.

So if you are reading this before you collect your results remember to do your research and find out what opportunities are available to you for every outcome so regardless of what is written on that results page you have a plan and can not let a second go to waste. If your exam results aren’t what you needed them to be you need to be quick in trying to get in to colleges and Universities as if your grades aren’t what you needed to be and you leave it a while then your chances of getting in are going to be significantly reduced. Universities, Colleges and employers like people who can face up to their failures and take the bull by the horns.

If you are reading this after you have collected your results then what are you waiting for go and research your next move don’t let a second go to waste. The one thing to remember whatever you grades are there are always opportunities and possibilities open to you in order for you to move your life forward and closer to your dream.

Regardless of your results don’t give up. If you give up after one bad grade you are not going to be able to reach your full potential and achieve great things with your life.

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Good luck to everyone collecting exam results from everyone here at Talented Young People.

Adam Sibley
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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Young and Famous

Over the last few years we have watched as young people have been thrust in to the limelight only to fall off the rails. This is not a new phenomenon but with the intensity of media scrutiny increasing every day the fall from grace of these celebrities has garnered more column inches in newspapers and websites as well as airtime on TV and radio shows than ever before. The main three celebrity names people will be synonymous with are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

With big international conglomerates trying to make the most amount of money possible from its assets which for companies involved in industries like the media, creative arts and sports are its talent it’s no wonder that some young celebrities have fallen off the rails. Young talented people are being forced in to a grown up’s world with none or little preparation for it and if they aren’t surrounded by the right people making the right decisions very few people are going to look after them.

Young actors, actresses, singers etc. need to be looked after better and there needs to be more done for them. Many young and talented people are plucked from small towns and from relative obscurity to be then suddenly be thrust in front of millions of people and in to millions of homes across the world. You can’t expect a young person no matter how mature they are to be able to deal with something like that.

This is why if you dream towards a career which will see you being shoved in to the limelight you need to prepare for or at least be aware of the pitfalls and dangers of the career. You need to make sure that before you embark on your path towards your dreams that you have a support network of family, friends and business partners that you know have your best interests at heart and are not around you just because you are famous. When you have that in place remember to always look after them and treat them the same regardless of if you have ten million fans or just ten.

I believe that we need as many positive young role models in the media, creative arts and sports industries and that although the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton grab the headlines we can’t forget there are many young people out there who have been thrust in to the limelight who have dealt with it brilliantly. It is these people we need to focus on and we need to make sure that there is help and support to catch those people who may come off the rails or systems in place to try and stop them coming off the rails in the first place.

So to sum up if you are pursuing dreams which could potentially see you being in the public eye or situations of wealth and notoriety to remember it is not only your talent that you need to work on you also need to work on your strength of character as it will be this that stops your dream ending prematurely or your dreams not working out as you had planned them. Remember nothing is more important than your physical and mental well-being and if you are ever put in a position where either of these are in danger then you need to re-address the situation. You will always have to deal with people that will try and pressure you in to things like agents, managers, pushy parents etc. but remember with every decision that is made you need to be happy with it, as your happiness is the most important thing.

Push towards your dreams because if you have the ability, the talent and the belief you can go far but just be aware of the sacrifices and pitfalls that wait in your path. We should encourage the youth of today to reach for their dreams as I know there are many young people across the globe who have the potential to do amazing things we just need to make sure there is a safe environment for them to accomplish their dreams and we can’t expect the big international conglomerates of this world to do that as they only primarily care about keeping their shareholders happy.

In a message to the media don’t judge young celebrities as harshly as you do. Yes there will always be some that have made mistakes or bad decisions but they are only young people and young people make mistakes its your help they need not your judgement. If you are going to question anyone question the people around them that let them get to that state in which they find themselves. Spend some time focusing on the young and talented people doing amazing things in this world.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Floods - Facing Adversity

Over the last few months the UK has been hit by some of the worse flooding it has seen in recent years which has been mirrored in many countries across the globe with many people suffering from the extreme weather conditions. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but no one in the UK could have even imagined the devastation which has happened, especially during a time in which we should be enjoying the highest temperatures of the year.

Many of those affected by the floods all had plans and events happening in their lives, which were rudely interrupted by the unexpected devastation. One day they went to work, school or were maybe even sleeping to come home or to wake to their homes surrounded by water. Then there were those who fled for shelter in centres setup around the country to house those escaping the floods who left their properties not knowing what they would be coming back to with only a few frantically collected possessions with them.

Now it’s incidents like this that can sometimes cruelly change the direction and path of many lives as the knock on affects of the damage refuse to go away. Still weeks on and many people can’t return to their homes, can’t get the money out of their insurance companies to make their homes liveable and those who still remain in their properties still don’t know if the water running through the pipes is drinkable or when it will be.

In these towns and cities that were affected there will have been many young and talented people all working hard pursuing their dreams, all with big plans that have now been taken away by the floods. No longer is there main concern pursuing their dream, they are now only concerned with getting their life back to normality which they don’t know how long it will be until this happens.

I have come to say that it is ok to concentrate your efforts on getting your life back on track, there is nothing wrong with it and this is the way it has to and should be. This is going to be one of the biggest tests of your strength that you have ever had but if you can take the strength from this and not forget about your dream then you can achieve anything. You have to remember that things may not be going your way at the moment but it will get better and that life will get back to normal. When life is restored to some sort of normality you can’t waste more of your life thinking about it and worrying about it. I know this is easier said than done but we need to remember what happened, learn from it and use it to help us achieve our dreams. We need to also make the improvements and changes that need to be made in order to safeguard the villages, towns and cities so that young talented people can be free to pursue their dreams without the danger of setbacks. You can’t get back the time, money and possessions that have been lost but you can reclaim or for some people claim your dream for the first time and hold on to it.

Don’t let your talents and skills go to waste just because there has been a setback. Yes I know some setbacks are harder to get over than others and this is a major setback but it just means the harder you fall the stronger you can come back.

We are now in a time where we need more leaders around the globe who are going to help others in their time of need and in their times of triumph. One organisation currently recognising the top leaders in the world are the Global Youth Awards. I have been lucky enough to be nominated for this award because of all the work I do with young people. If you feel that I deserve to win the award you can vote for me by going to:

I just want to end today by sending out the thoughts and prayers of the Talented Young People organisation to all those affected by these floods, you will always be in our thoughts.

Have you ever had to overcome adversity like those people affected by the floods? How did you do it? How hard was it to overcome? Why no tell us all about it and join in our discussion:

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