Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Britain's Got Talent

Were you one of the ten million people who tuned in “Britain's Got Talent” last week? Were you entertained by the variety of talents on display? I know I was. I was jumping up and down in my chair to see new and different talents that haven't been given the chance to be showcased in a prime TV slot in front of millions for over a decade; finally the art of variety is back. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of programmes like "Any Dream Will Do" and "X-Factor" but this programme to me was a breath of fresh air as finally people had a chance to shine that haven't had that chance in any other show.

In recent years on TV we have been obsessed with having talent shows which are all about one style of act whether that be singing or acting and for years we have been obsessed with having to find someone that can go on and make millions of pounds. Finally in this show it wasn't about finding someone who they could make millions off ok the winner got £100,000 it was about finding somebody with a skill that the public enjoyed to watch. Many people have talents and skills that they know they aren't going to make money off of but it doesn't make that talent any less special or that they shouldn't be given the same platform to showcase it.

The programme also showed a true wide range of people unlike some talents shows and for once they were from a real cross section of our communities in the UK who made it on to the final shows. The programme wasn't just about their talent it was about where they came from and how they got their which is just as important as the talent that they showcase. It's their inspiring stories that can make a difference as much as their talents. They found some really extraordinary people and extraordinary stories which I hope encourage other people to fulfill their dreams and to try new things. Hopefully by watching the programme people thought, hang about it's not what about my talent actually it is it's about how good I am at it, how I present it and how much I love doing it. Whether it be tidily-winks or football a talents a talent regardless of what it's in and one talent is no more important or better than another. We need to appreciate everyone for their talents no matter how wild and wacky they are.

The only downside to this programme was that it was only people who had a talent that could be conveyed well on TV that could get on. There are millions of people around the world who have talents and skills but these can't be presented well on TV so they are still flying under the radar. So I think we need to find a way of getting people will skills that can't be conveyed in an entertaining way for TV some exposure.
It's like if you are the UK's top business man, UK's most intelligent,
UK best counsellor and so on. All of these are talents that people have to work hard for and deserve the same amount of respect and appreciation as the skills and talents that were showcased on the

I can't wait for the next series and I was so proud of the amount of diverse talents the youngsters of today have. I hope everyone that went on to the show has used it as a learning experience and will go on to even bigger and better things. Just want to say a big well done to everyone that entered and if you didn't enter why not enter next time. Work on a talent or find a new talent and fill out the application form. Even if you entered this time round by why not enter the next series now you have a step up on the competition with one series worth of experience under your belt you could be the next “Britain's got Talent” champion and perform in front of the Queen.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"

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