Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Summer Blockbuster Films

The weather may not be the best here in the UK at the moment but at least there have been some great Blockbuster movies at the cinema to keep us happy. We have had the new Indiana Jones, Wall-E, Dark Knight, Prince Caspian, Hancock, Incredible Hulk and Kung-Fu Panda to keep us entertained with what seems like a must see film being released every week.

Now I haven’t seen all on that list but from friends of mine that go regularly to cinema tell me that there have been some gems in amongst that bunch. Last weekend I went to see the new Batman film The Dark Knight which I thought was brilliant and one of the best films I have seen this year. I would have gone to see more but the ridiculously high prices at my local cinema means I am choosier about what I see so out of the list in the top paragraph I have only seen Dark Knight and Prince Caspian.

The cinema may be an expensive past time and I for one am personally more in favour of young people enjoying the great outdoors over the summer but with the current weather as it is I hope young people have been enjoying these films. Watching films can help inspire young people and really help develop their creativity as well as giving them some escapism from problems they may be going through.

I am also loving the rise of Superhero films over the last few years with Spiderman, Superman and Batman all having major box office successes. In a world where we seem to have less role models and with the lines between good and bad getting blurred it is good to have films which really bring the ideals of character and the battle between good and bad to the forefront. Young people shouldn’t be inspired to copy or imitate the actions of superhero but be inspired by their character traits and how they act as it’s their courage, bravery, dedication and their good citizenship which are the skills which make them a true superhero not the amount of buildings they can jump off or what villains they can derail.

What have been your favourite summer blockbusters? We at Talented Young People want to know and you can share your thoughts by going to:

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