Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Completing a Project

Now all of us at some point have an idea for something big we would like to do, like write a book, start a business move to a different country, the list is endless. Now for some it will remain just that, an idea. For some they will get the motivation to start the project towards achieving their dream and not get any further. Then finally for a small few they will see the project through and achieve their goals and there is no feeling like accomplishing what you set out to do.

I had that feeling this week as a book I wrote on coaching youth football became available to purchase. It started as an idea, I then sat down and wrote the book, got it edited and got it all the way through the publishing phase so that now anyone anywhere across the world can buy it. That moment when I went on to Amazon and saw it there was worth all the work I had put in to the project and made me feel so proud.

The project took me over a year from idea to publishing and there were plenty of problems to overcome and plenty of times where I could have given up but I kept going and got myself in to the elite few who can say they have finished a project.

So this blog is for anyone out there who has an idea for something they want to do but hasn’t started trying to achieve it or for anyone feeling like giving up. The idea is only half of the fun it’s completing it which gives you the real buzz. Just remember when you get an idea make sure it is something you are passionate about because you are going to have to be passionate about it to see you through.

Once you have completed one project it gives you the motivation and the belief to complete another. This is why later this year another book of mine will be hitting the bookshelves as I near the completion of a book on youth motivation.

If you want to buy my first offering to the literary world go to:

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