Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Must be the Music

Recently I have really taken an interest in a new TV series in the UK called ‘Must be the Music.’ We have had TV talent shows for years here in the UK but I really enjoyed the subtle changes this show made to the concept.

The series finished last weekend with Emma’s Imagination a female singer from Scotland winning the final. Unlike X-Factor the show was open to singers, musicians and bands, not only this but performers were allowed to play their own compositions.

These weren’t the most exciting difference though. The way they really innovated the market by making all performances from the semi-final round all the way up to and including the final available for download on iTunes straight after the performance. Not only this but the acts were given 100% profit of the sales from their performances with two acts cracking the UK top ten and four UK top forty hits.

Instead of giving the winning act a record deal the winner got a £100,000 cash fund to develop their music instead of the usual record contract. This was done to make sure the winning act had more control of their career instead of a record company which I thought was an interesting idea.

I just wish the show had mean on a terrestrial channel as if this format had the backing of one of those channels I think it could have been huge. The programme has however I think given a shot in the arm to TV talent shows and show other channels how it should be done.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"
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