Tuesday, 3 April 2007

MTV Think!

Welcome one and all to the latest Talented Young People Blog from yours truly.

It’s been a good but busy week down at the website. The first ever Talented Young People Podcast is going down a storm with lots of people listening to our first offering which can be listened to by going to:


But this week I wanted to use the blog to talk about the new MTV Think project.

MTV in conjunction with the Think! Road safety campaign have started a competition which encourages young people to get involved in coming up with an idea for and create a Road safety TV advert. There are different themes for different age groups to work on. You can find out more information by going to:


The reason I bring this up is that in the summer of last year I created my own road safety TV advert and passed all the details on to the Think! Road Safety campaign. I am very much behind the Think! Campaign as I have had many experiences of friends and close ones being involved I major accidents on the road which could have been avoided which is the same situation for many young people around the country.

Now at the time I had an idea that I thought was a brainwave. I thought to myself as many of my friends like many other young people were creating videos and posting them on youtube which involved them creating some very comical pieces why can’t we get young people making videos that help young people. With the young audience youtube attracts I also thought as a good will gesture the company behind the website could feature daily videos on it’s main page about good causes, charities and safety campaign so it could become a public service broadcaster as well as all the other things that it is.

So I borrowed a camera and made the video. I then posted it on Youtube and emailed the Think campaign about my idea and a link to my video. Whilst it was on youtube it got 63 views but no response from Think! But now many months on an idea along similar lines is out and with the backing of MTV which is so important to get the youth culture on board I’m sure this project is going to be a big hit and make a huge difference.

I’m not saying my idea or my emails to Think! Had anything to do with this project being set up but the strange thing about life is that if you go in to life wanting to make a difference and try every day to do so you never know when your actions or ideas may see results. I’m just so glad this is happening and that this project will hopefully go some way to educating and saving young lives.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"


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