Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Unknown Talent

This world is filled with many talented and successful young people but not many people know about most of them. When a young pop star, film star or sports star just as much as breathes they are all over the papers but I want to dedicate this column to the people who are just as talented and some as successful but never get a mention.

This weekend I have been invited to attend a huge professional wrestling event in Liverpool called the King of Europe cup and one of the wrestlers who will be fighting for the cup is one of the most talented young wrestlers in the world. The man I’m talking about is Ben Satterly better known to wrestling fans as “Pac.”

This precocious twenty year old nicknamed “The Man That Gravity Forgot” has performed to live crowds all over the country and has even been flown over to the States to perform on a new wrestling show airing on MTV called “Wrestling Society X.” So this is a guy who has won many titles, performed to thousands of fans and already worked in America on international TV at the age of twenty.

Say what you will about professional wrestling but for someone of that age to have achieved the amount that he has in any industry or discipline is very impressive and I bet there are many more people out there like Ben who have achieved great things in their lives and careers but because they’re not a professional or signed up to a record label or agent you never here about them.

There is so much talent out there most of which is probably right under your nose so I urge all of you to take time to support local talent and to find out about talented people in your neighbourhood. The people that have made it in the terms of got a contract or a job still need our support but because of the PR and press they get they will have people following them regardless it’s the local talent that doesn’t get the press and PR besides a small clipping in a local gazette that need our support.

I will be trying to secure an interview with Pac this weekend for the website but for all of those interested in finding out more about Pac go to his MySpace page:

Or you can see him live this weekend April the 28th and 29th at the Liverpool Olympia for the “King of Europe Cup” for more details on how to buy tickets log on to

Or if you know of a talented young person that needs some support remember to go to

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"

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