Wednesday, 29 August 2007

TV Programmes

For many of our readers they will now becoming to the end of the summer holidays which means back to school an all the joys which come with the period just before school starts. Going to get new school uniforms going to get new stationery and all the obligatory things that need to be done before school starts.

This brings the end to the period of watching daytime TV and staying out with your friends until all hours. Now I campaign for young people to make the most of their summer holidays by going out and experiencing new things as well as developing new and existing talents but there are a couple of really good programmes on our TV’s in the UK at the moment. If you are going to watch TV these two programmes are well worth a watch and making a space in your schedule for.

Following on from the launch of our weekly X-Factor blog from our brilliant X-factor Correspondent Katie Greenhill I thought it was time to talk about two other programmes I am liking at the moment.

The first is a series on MTV called MADE. This series has been on TV for some time but if you haven’t seen any of the episodes its well worth a watch. The series in an MTV original series from America. Each programme stars a new young person who has something they want to achieve or something they want to be made in to. Most of these young people are having problems at school or really need help in order to achieve something which can be anything from being a Snowboarder to a Singer.

In each programme the MTV crew are given a month to help get the young person to achieve their dream so they allocate them a coach you has experience in that field and it is then the job of the coach to make sure that the young person is ready to achieve their dream by the end of the month. The show is usually on weekdays at 18.00 on MTV or TMF and is well worth the watch.

The other programme is Cheerleader Nation which is currently being screened on Living2. This series follows a year in the life of the Dunbar Cheerleading squad in Kentucky USA as they compete for their third national title in a row.

Cheerleading is a way of life in America and a huge part of their culture but cheerleading is now growing in popularity in the UK. The programme gives you a new respect for the sport as after watching an episode you will never look at cheerleading in the same light again as the training regime these girls go through is absolutely gruelling. The programme I’m sure will also inspire many young people to take up cheerleading and inspire those already involved in cheerleading to aim even higher.

The series is already 3 – 4 episodes in but you can catch it every Tuesday at 21.00 on Living2.

Look out for some very special exclusive “Cheerleader Nation” content launching soon on the Talented Young People website.

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