Tuesday, 21 August 2007

X-Factor: Episode 1 review

We here at Talented Young People are delighted to introduce our newest member to the writing team our official X-Factor correspondent Katie Greenhill. From now until the final Katie will be bringing you all the news on what's hot and what's not in the world of X-Factor. So sit back and enjoy her first X-Factor review.

18th August - The X Factor is BACK!

So Saturday it was the fourth series of The X Factor hit our screens once again. And there were some pretty amazing singers among also the disastrous hoping to make their dream become a reality.

The age category was lowered, and it was 14 year old Emily - who sang Randy Crawford's - Almaz - flying that flag. She had an amazing voice and had the confidence, as Dannii said she was looking all four of them in the eyes when she sang - I think that's a good quality within a singer. Although a lot of people have had doubts about the age being lowered I think she may have proved Simon Cowell's point, they could potentially win. I just think it's a hard age to conquer the music industry and be away from your family.

Zoe Simpson; the girl who sang Christina Aguillera's Beautiful, I can't believe the way she reacted. Fair enough she's young and her dream had just been broken, but her attitude was terrible - I can't get my head around people telling her she was good. She said she had never even studied music! I must admit Dermot did look a bit scared when she started banging her head against the wall!

And what about Nikki? Well she brought a tear to many of people's eye and her story was just so amazing. The way she found an application form in her late father's belongings and in memory of her father entered the competition. The way she sang 'I will always love you' was so touching she really sang from her heart. I think it’s so great to find someone like that on the show. Her voice was just incredible - I really do hope she goes along way, I think she really deserves it.

Then there were the groups! 'Same difference' I must say they can certainly grate on you - I found them quite annoying but sweet in a way but then you have W4 who were amazing singers, I think just by the first show you can tell this year the groups have really improved.

To me I found this week's show very judge orientated what with the lovely Louis Walsh returning. Before he returned it didn't seem that there was any chemistry between them. Not sure how people are feeling about the new Judges/Presenter changes. I personally think now Louis is back, people will not warm to Dannii - because the original three had fantastic chemistry and it will take time for her to merge. I think Fearne is doing amazingly, on Saturday the Xtra factor got it highest ratings ever!

Next week looks great - Sharon Osbourne walking into a door too!"

Katie Greenhill
X-Factor correspondent for Talented Young People

"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"


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