Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Successful People

This week I wanted to use the blog to talk about successful people and the things I think are stopping successful people being as successful as they could be.

Now one of the most successful businessmen of our generation is Bill Gates. Unlike a celebrity who’s film you may have seen or song you may have heard you are practically guaranteed to have used a bit of software which was made or designed by Bill Gates company Microsoft by the time you are 18. With this success though I bet you don’t talk about him as much as your favourite singer or actor even though he is richer and more successful than that singer or actor.

Now I can’t claim to be an expert on Bill Gates and how he made his money but the one thing I always see in the news is him or his company being stopped from doing something because of some legislation which says he can’t have a monopoly or become too big or strong in the market.

Now I know competition laws and other assorted business laws are put in place to benefit us the consumers and other business owners but I have always found these very restrictive. If one person can build themselves up from nothing and want to conquer an entire business sector I think they should be allowed to. It is not the successful persons fault that they make themselves bigger or more successful that other people in the market. It should be up to other people and other companies to compete and want to get better not having some legislation bringing the successful person down.

People need to be motivated and inspired to succeed not put off by legislation, red tape and bureaucracy. It’s like all the hoops people have to jump through these days to get funding or placements to further their careers. The world is getting tied down in paperwork and political correctness most of which could be ripped away by using common sense and logical ideas.

Going back to finish with Bill Gates, laws and legislations aside it seems that instead of supporting successful people these days successful people are targets for others to bring down or to try and stop from getting further ahead. From the common person to legislation makers we need to all support successful people and support people to give them the chance of being successful.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"

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Global said...

Hi Adam, I do believe the problem that arose from Bill Gates and Microsoft was the restrictions they were applying to the smaller businesses so as for them to gain a total market share.

A good example of Microsoft over estimating their value has been the story with Internet Explorer and how Microsoft tried to bully everyone to follow certain patterns, ie. web designers had to conform to the IE standards or else their designs would be rendered a tad useless. IE did not conform with the www consortium standards and in the end it saw the growth in choice regarding browsers made available.

just a little thought