Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Premiership Managers

This week in the English football Premier League two managers have been sacked only months in to their contracts. They aren’t the first to go this season and may not be the last but when you have a big name club like Chelsea axing their manager it makes headline news. It brings me on to my point of discussion which is how long should professional sports people be given to prove themselves after signing a contract.

In professional sports clubs take a gamble on players and managers when they bring them to the club. Normally they would have been scouted and chosen for what they can bring to their club. The scout’s watch these people excel at other clubs and bring them in on the hope that they can do the same for their club. To get the services of these staff they are sometimes wrangled in to long term contracts with no probation or trial period.

In reality just because a player or a coach is good at one club it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be good at another club. There are very few players or coaches that join a new team and click right away. For most it will take a bedding in period where the player or coach gets use to the set up, the way things are doing and working with their fellow players and or coaching staff.

In the Premiership a lot of the clubs are run by short term thinking who want to see an instant return on their investments and want to see results in the short term. If things aren’t going well owners will get worried and forget about long term plans and just worry about the short term. With every result getting even more vital every year the time managers are given becomes less and less. If a team is doing bad usually the responsibility is laid completely with the manager and if things aren’t going well it will be the manager who is the first to go not the players.

My question is how long should coaches and players be given? I think that too much expectation is put on new staff and new signings and too much pressure is put on them. I don’t think there is a given period of time you can say that a person has to prove themselves as it will vary from person to person but I do believe they need to be given a chance. Maybe trial and probation periods should be brought in to football but one thing is for sure something needs to be done about manager turnover in the premiership. More clubs and managers should be made to keep to their contracts instead of clubs having to pay millions in compensation when they don’t honour a contract.

The manager merry-go-round is damaging to the reputation of managers as it is so easy for them to be a hero one minute and fired the next. With every new season the clubs seem to forget about their past success and just base their decisions based on the current results. However with the money involved in professional sport I don’t see any changes happening soon.

We want to know your thoughts on this in our topic of the week. Do you think managers are given long enough to prove themselves in professional sport? Should they have better job safety and what can be done to change what is happening? we want to know and you can share your thoughts by going to:

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