Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Film Industry

Last week was the biggest week in the Film Industry calendar as the winners of the Academy Awards otherwise known as The Oscars were revealed. Outside of school holidays the run up to the Oscars are a busy time for the cinemas the publicity of the awards encourages more people to go to the cinema.

The British film industry had huge news to celebrate as the film Slumdog Millionaire won eight awards at the Oscars a film which had British cast members, a British Director and was funded by British Film companies like Film4. Not only this but Kate Winslett also won the best actress award so Britain had more than one reason to celebrate this weekend.

Even with the huge success of Slumdog Millionaire which had a comparatively small budget compared to Hollywood Blockbuster films British film company Film4 that funded it are still be forced to be very careful with which films they support due to the financial times we live in. So just because of the success of Slumdog Millionaire it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be more British films made and more funding available for them.

I went and saw Slumdog Millionaire a couple of weekends ago and I really enjoyed the film but my local cinema charged me £7.50 for my ticket. When you can buy a DVD to own for less than that with the sales that go on in the high street and online I think £7.50 is a bit steep for a ticket. If the film industry wants to survive the economic downturn it needs to encourage more people to go to the cinema and not squeezing money out of loyal cinema goers and putting people off from going.

If you want some free entertainment and are aged under 26 I found this online the other day which I thought was a great idea:

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