Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Google Street View

This week one subject which hasn’t been able to keep out of the headlines is Google Street View’s UK launch. After a successful launch in other countries like America now thanks to Google you can virtually wonder around some of the biggest cities in the UK. However in the UK its launch has been marred by criticism over the perceived invasion of privacy which this is causing many people to call for it to be shut down.

Now I’m not going to talk about the wrongs or the rights of Google’s latest idea but merely comment on the power of the Internet. Ten or so years ago Google was merely a web based search engine that was starting to build its fan base by providing better and quicker searches than its rivals but through one very basic and simple concept Google has now grown to one of the biggest companies on the net.

In a time of economic crisis it is great to see web companies and web based ideas really gaining attention and still making money. If Google believe in the old phrase that any publicity is good publicity then they will be rubbing their hands together but if nothing else the media backlash shows just how powerful they have become. I also find it interesting to see new company start ups on the net that offer new ideas and new concepts and how they can get the masses interacting with it.

To me the greatest thing about the Internet is that it offers anybody the chance to share a new idea with the world, to make a successful business and to make a name for themselves. I am sure we haven’t got the most out of the internet yet and can’t wait to see more people really pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve using the internet.

Who knows what the next internet craze will be, but if the next ten years are exciting as the last ten then the internet is going to be an exciting place to be.

What do you think about Google Street View? Have you found a good website lately or do you run your own online business? If so we would love to find out about them and you can share your views by going to our topic of the week:

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