Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Do Young People Care?

One question I know a lot of teachers and people that work with young people is do the young people they are working with actually care about what they are doing whether it be a maths lesson or competing in a sports team. To them it seems at times that they care more about the lesson or the activity than the kids they are trying to enthuse do.

The biggest battle any person working with young people is getting them to care. If they can get a young person to care about what it is they are doing then that young person will reach greater heights and be a lot easier to teach than a young person that doesn’t. As a young person it is so important to be cool, accepted and fit in and for young people the normal way to do this is to not show an interest in anything and to play up. As soon as you show an interest in something it takes you out of that big group and makes you different.

Most of the time young people can’t comprehend the importance of doing something in school as they can’t see how it is going to benefit them later in life or in sports they may not know where their career could take them. I think it is so important with young people to always make them aware of what the end goals could be and what being in a lesson or part of a club can help them achieve.

The people that go on and achieve great things in life are those that are passionate about and care about what they are doing. As a young person you don’t want to look back later in life wishing you had cared more during your younger years to try harder in things you wanted to do and achieve. Don’t be scared to care in something as when you achieve something in that area it will mean so much more and feel so much better.

Do you care about your school work? Do you care about your hobbies and interests? And you care about developing a talent? We would like to know your stories individually and if you think as a generation young people need to start caring more? We want to know and you can share your views by going to:

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
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jon said...

Good advice, Adam. I find that one of the most important elements is having a parent, teacher or other adult to encourage a young person in his or her passions. My son, for example, has taken an interest in photography, and we've done everything we can to introduce him to local professional photographers, help him find resources to learn and encourage him to save up for equipment that will make his new passion more rewarding.

Adults need to pay attention to what young people care about -- and encourage them to explore all their dreams.

All the best,

Jon Bard

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