Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Playing the media

As the years go on it seems more and more like the media are in complete control in peoples success and failure. It seems that regardless of someone’s talent the media can make or break anybody which is a depressing thought. People seem to be more interested in entertaining news and scandal than getting behind someone because of their talent.

This is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination but is depressing nonetheless. With the increased interest we seem to place in the lives of celebrities it is no wonder that there is more scandal as the media won’t stop until they find some or if they can’t they will create some. It’s like I was watching a documentary on Miley Cyrus the other night and the interest in her life at the moment is crazy with the amount of press she has following her around its no wonder the press are going to pick up on anything which isn’t 100% perfect.

The big media story in the UK this week is the break up or Jordan and Peter Andre which shows the other side of media. Since this was announced in the press showings of the pairs reality TV series have risen significantly and I am sure both could sell their side of the story to the press for big money. Now some may claim they are just playing the media to make more money and get attention but only they will ever know.

Because celebrities have got so good at playing the media you may see it as the celebrities are fighting back and trying to beat the media at their own game. The only problem now is that because people are aware of both sides of the coin when a story gets released about a celebrity you don’t know if it is a case of the celebrity playing the media or the media playing the celebrity and on top of this if something in the news about them is actually one hundred percent true because of the games that go on you don’t know whether to believe it or not. So are celebrities really helping themselves or not?

I don’t know what the answer to this is and I don’t think there is an answer as celebrities need the media and media need celebrities but I think this cycle makes it really hard to find any role models any more in the celebrity world as they don’t sell newspapers or get the headlines that scandal does which I think is the biggest shame in all of this.

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