Wednesday, 6 May 2009

You can’t escape your past

As you are all aware I am a big fan of Britain’s Got Talent but the one thing I can’t stand is when I see an act that I love who has a sob story and is portrayed as an amateur to only be exposed in the newspapers a few days for telling lies or misleading the public. Britain’s Got Talent is the only show to have suffered from this as it has happened in shows like X-Factor but at the moment it seems like a weekly occurrence on Britain’s Got Talent.

I understand the producers of the show have to make entertaining TV so the programme is edited together in a way to make us smile, laugh and cry but I don’t think the British public enjoy being mislead. To me I would much prefer the act to be honest and then give a great performance as there is no getting away from talent but doing it this way it tarnishes the performance. Now I can’t say if it is the reduction company or the act themselves are the ones misleading the public but you thought the producers would have learnt by now with all the previous scandals.

So far we have had an aspiring saxophonist who turned out to be an artist who was once signed to a record label and a singer who claimed never to have performed in front of a big crowd who has now turned out to have sung in a London theatre before and we are only three or four episodes in.

If you or I can find this stuff out on the internet and the press can you would think that the producers would research all the acts before they broadcast the show as it is filmed months in advance. It also begs the question on whether acts who have already achieved success should be allowed to audition or not?

With your own personal career development you need to be careful about what stuff gets posted about you on the internet as in the 21st century it is very hard to escape your past and something which you did ten years ago could be used against you today. In today’s world more and more employers are googling applicants names before they interview them. Our image is no longer just about how we carry ourselves in our day to day life, it is now also based on what pages come up when you google your name. Nowadays peoples first contact with you will come through searching your name so make sure you are giving off the right image. With people blogging and commenting on all of lives trivials points and with millions upon millions of photos ending up on Facebook from social events just keep this in your mind as it is very hard to escape your past.

Adam Sibley
Founder of the Talented Young People organisation
"Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it!"
”Shaking up the Youth of Today”

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IMM said...

Yeah, good point. The American version has had similar stuff happen, but it sounds like the British show has more of that. I would bet that the producers coach them on what their story should be so they can play up the whole "rags to riches" thing.