Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Weather

Now I know its seems like all British people do is complain about the weather but down in the South West we have yet another terrible and wet summer. I’m sure travel agents and airlines love this as it makes us all wish we were holiday somewhere nice and hot but due to the recession it just means that a lot more people in Britain will have no choice but to make the best of the British summer.

Not only does the weather affect the mood of young people in the country but it also limits their opportunities to do things. After a year slaving away in the classrooms their reward is six weeks holiday of what so far has been mainly rain and days are ticking away as before they know it they will be back in school.

When I was a kid summer was a time for getting out and adventuring, for walks, for going places for playing sports. With this weather it is hard for young people to either do these things or enjoy doing these things. Many young people will have just traded the classroom for the home. The lure of TV’s, computers and video games is already high enough for young people with time on their hands but now with not much else to do it is even worse.

Now I’m not saying young people shouldn’t enjoy relaxing, watching a bit of TV and playing a bit on the computer over the summer but it shouldn’t be the only thing they are doing. The summer can be a great learning experience for young people where they get to experience new things and actually have time to dedicate to things they want to do but to help them and increase their opportunities we need this weather to brighten up quick smart.

We want to know what you guys have been up to over your summer holidays, and what you do when it rains? Are you on your games console or have you found a way of keeping active and busy despite the rain? To let us know your thoughts log on to:

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